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Posted - Lunedi 15 Agosto 2005 10:46:57 AM  

Isn'it about time we forgot about the word "democracy" in Australia? There are only two political parties in Australia - the Labor Party and the "Coalition" Party. The "Coalition Party made up of the Liberat Party and the National Party - has always combined to form a government (or an opposition). Neither of them has ever been able to make it on their own.
My opinion is this, If, after more than half a century of Australians voting for either National or Liberal Parties the result is a coalition - then why shouldn't both parties be excluded from politics until they officially amalgamate and become known as the X party. Let's face facts - a vote for the National Party is totally ignored. It merely becomes a vote for a "Liberal-National Coaltion".
This is a massive fraud perpetrated on the Australian electorate. We don't have a democratically elected government. We a politically contrived government. I am going to shoot the next politician who says that something is "unAustralian". Our whole bloody government is "UnAustralian". The majority of Australians didn't vote for this government ! It is about time that Australians, generally, woke up to the electorate fraud.
Mike Grant, Halton Downs QLD
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