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Posted - Mercoledi 5 Ottobre 2005 10:05:40 AM  

I have read the FAQ located at and
would like to ask a slightly different question.

My wife and I would like to stay in Italy for a year starting in January 2006.
We live in Australia but are both EU citizens ( UK ) so I don't think we need
a visa.
We both have Bachelor degrees and have worked in the field of information
technology ( computers ) for well over 5 years. Our Italian language is good
tourist level but not good enough to be able to live or work in a city. We
plan on doing a one month intensive language course upon our arrival to
improve our language skills.
There is a chance that we will retain some employment with our current
employers in Australia, with our salaries being payed into existing Australian
bank accounts which will be accessable from Italy. I would also like to be
able to look for a job in the field of I.T for an Italian company if possible.
We have sufficient funds to support ourselves throughout our entire stay, even
if we cannot work.
My specific questions are:
1) Is it correct to assume that we do not need a visa if we have EU citizenship?
2) What documentation do we need to apply for a codice fiscale and is it
possible to apply for one whilst we are still in Australia?
3) How do we apply for a "permesso di soggiorno per lavoro subordinato" if we
are in the process of looking for a job?
4) If we apply for a "permesso per studio" at the language school we are going
to, how do we change this so that we can work afterwards ?
Many Thanks
Richard Tomkinson
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Utente Anonimo
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Posted - Mercoledi 5 Ottobre 2005 10:10:59 AM  

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Dear Richard,
If you have a valid EU passport you do not need a visa. In any case just check it by phone with the Italian consular office.
With the EU passport you can call at any of the employment agencies in major Italian cities and have their assistance regarding working documentation to be eventually listed with the local labor office, to be introduced to find a job of you interest.
The codice fiscale is requested after you have an address to give when applying for it. You only need your EU passport and an address in Italy. You will apply then when in Italy either going personally to the local taxation office or through an agent or better still starting from the beginning to comply with the Italian tax and fiscal legislation and in this case talk to a registered accountant to have assistance for all matters concerning taxation and annual tax return. We recommend our Chartered Accountant Mr Amedeo Silvestri in Rome, via Ventiquattro Maggio, n. 46 tel. 39+06 69941076. This will be good also to give your address when applying for a codice fiscale whilst still looking for a permanent address.
With your EU passport you do not need to bother about student visa. You are free to enrol at any school and for any course and without any obligation to frequent it regularly.
Best regards
Rosalie Lucas
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