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roma (rm)
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Posted - Martedi 11 Ottobre 2005 1:40:42 PM  

Dear Antonio,
Thank you for your further contact with our Rebecca today by telephone.
I must warn you against coming to Australia on a visitor visa, if you cannot stay longer than 3 months.
Please note that you cannot be eligible for a visa to work here until you have good English.
How long is it since you worked as a boiler maker? Have you recent experience in that trade?
Your Wife : If she has six years work experience and English, then we can try for her for a skilled visa, but there is no bridging visa, so you need to wait there until she gets her English. I suggest you do a Google to find out where the closest British Council school and test centre is for her to enrol and prepare for this test. She must get a minimum of at least 5 for each part of this English test. This may take some months. Please find out all about this before coming to Australia.
In Australia, you will pay A$300 per week for you or her to study English. After 3 months, you must be on a Student Visa, with money to cover cost of living and school fees for at least one year (cost of living, A$25,000 per year). Australia is not a cheap place to live.
Your Family : If they are grown up, independent and working, you cannot include them on your visa, I am sorry. They have to make their own applications. I need to assess their cases individually. If your son has at least six years working as a pizza maker, there is hope for him to make his own application, but if not, he has to do that amount of work before he can apply, and he has to have level 5 for IELTS, also.
Your daughter is okay to be on your application, but first you must have English to stay and work in Australia, so you may like to think about planning to stay and study in Italy -much cheaper. Then when you can pass the English test, it will be easier to find work on a 4 year temporary sponsored visa, then apply for the permanent visa later.
That is all I can suggest.
If you come to Australia without any English, it will be extremely expensive and difficult for you. I don't recommend you do it because I can't help you until you have some English to the level of 5 for IELTS. Please attend to this first, otherwise you won't be able to get work and your dreams will not be realised. You may be keen to come to Australia, but you must realise that the language we speak here is English, not Italian. You must have that skill first, so please prepare for it before you come, even if that means studying at night school in Italy now.
With best wishes,
Christine, Perth
Christine Knight
Meridien Migration Australia
(Phone +61 8 9286 4037
Fax +61 8 9286 4038)
(7 Hours ahead of Europe, 8 in its summer,
and 2 hours behind eastern Australia)

Associazione ItaliaAustralia
Via 24 Maggio, 46
00187 Roma

Fax :
Tel :

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Socio Ordinario
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Posted - Martedi 29 Marzo 2011 12:24:28 AM  


Mi chiamo Lurezia Muti, mi ha appena risposto via mail.

Sono giÓ socia: tessera n░ 14349

Mi pu˛ il contatto del vostro agente di immigrazione a Melbourne?


le lascio la mia mail:

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