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roma (rm)
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Posted - Giovedi 20 Ottobre 2005 9:33:07 AM  

Dear Mr Manco,

Thank you for your enquiry.

In the short term, all I can suggest is you come back to Australia on a Visitor Visa and speak to appropriate employers who may be willing to give you a job and sponsor you on the 4-year 457 work visa.

They must pay you a minimum of at least A$39,100, or a bit less in country areas.

If you wanted to get your skills assessed for the permanent visa, this could be worthwhile if you can show you have had that sort of experience (painting and house decorating) for three of the four years before you applied for that visa. The skills assessment takes about three months.

Your likely points score for that PR (permament residence) visa would be, subject to the skills assessment (60 + 10 + 25 + 15 = 110.).

The passmark for the skilled INDEPENDENT visa is 120. However, if you came and found a job offer in the country more than 50 kms outside capital cities, we could probably arrange a permanent visa, provided you agreed to live in that region for at least the first two years under what is called the RSMS visa (regional sponsored skilled migration scheme).

Please contact us if you come to Australia with this plan of action in mind. A good starting place would be south, say, Bunbury, or Margaret River area to find employers more than 50 kms, south of Perth (where you can't work for the first 2 years) or if you like the heat, lots of work north in places like Broome or Geraldton.

Best wishes,
Christine, Perth

Christine Knight

Associazione ItaliaAustralia
Via 24 Maggio, 46
00187 Roma

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Tel :

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