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roma (rm)
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Posted - Venerdi 28 Ottobre 2005 11:03:37 PM  

Dear Albert,

Thank you for your enquiry, and your interest in Australia.

It is also correct that your younger wife has a much better chance of gaining permanent visas for you if she agreed to come and study in Australia for at least two years fulltime.

I would suggest you follow the course that the Association has has suggested as it is very good advice : enrol your wife to study English either in Italy or Australia for at least a year. It is more expensive in Australia, about A$300 per week, plus cost of living you must show for the first year, approx. A$30,000 per year.

She needs to pass an international IELTS English test and gain at least level 5 for the English in all four parts (reading, writing, speaking and listening, not an average or overall mark but each one).

When she has that, she can enrol in either Hospitality (majoring in Cooking and restaurant management) or Horticulture (Landscape Gardening, parks and gardens management, etc) at a technical college in Victoria.

They are the only two years courses that can lead to a permanent visa after 2 years and are cheaper than university. Degree courses at uni are all three years fulltime. She must study fulltime. Both of you can only work up to 20 hours a week until she finishes the course.

Fees : Our fees for assisting with the Student Visa are A$2,000 for all of you to come and live in Australia. The govt fee for these visas is A$420 for all applicants.

You would need to ask your friends to help with the closest technical college enrolment because we only enrol for Perth schools, it is too difficult for us to deal with schools in another state because it is too timeconsuming and each state does it differently. Please do your research on the web, googling for perhaps technical colleges, Victoria, close to where you might be living to find the most appropriate school, and look under "international students" for courses, not local courses.

When you have enrolled your wife, and courses start each February and July, please get back to us so we can assist with the student visa for all of you.

With best wishes,
Christine, Meridien, Perth

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